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The Key - Final year project

Final Year Student Project - Supinfogame Rubika (Valenciennes, FR)

"The Key" is an anguish game based on fantastic genre in first-person. It takes place by night at New York. The player embodies a client coming for one night in 2017 but when he wakes up he seems to be trapped in a 1920's version of the hotel.
With collaborations of Simon Romain and Augustin Grassien for 3D assets.

Maxime bondoux thekey artstation3

character concept

Maxime bondoux maxime bondoux research1

character concept

Maxime bondoux fantastic03

hotel's matrix concept

Maxime bondoux matrix concept

hotel's matrix concept

Maxime bondoux fantastic01

fantastic effect concept

Maxime bondoux danny office

Office concept

The Key - Official Trailer